New classes starting soon in Cyprus!
Get ready!
Programs ‘Minecraft: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Game design in Roblox studio’ start in the first week of December.
Minecraft: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Minecraft is already a legendary online game for children around the world, and it is also very useful! The rule is simple: you want to add something special to the world of Minecraft — program it. That is how players all over the world learn Python, JavaScript, Java, and other languages.
Game design in Roblox studio
This course teaches children to work in Roblox.Studio, create their own games and entire game worlds, program in Lua, write scripts and dialogs and many other skills as a programmer and game designer.

If you're looking for some programming courses in Limassol for your child, then CODDY classes are for you. Places are limited so enroll now to avoid missing out!

Our addresses:
☑ 138, Vasileos Konstantinou, 3080, Limassol
☑ Bereshit Private Jewish School, 40, Limnou str., 3065, Limassol

CODDY is one of the first schools in IT-education
The mission of CODDY is helping children to discover the world of programming and design, to be able to think creatively and become creators of new solutions and technologies for the benefit of the future and humanity as a whole.
At CODDY, young programmers:
  • develop games, write websites and apps, and create cartoons
  • master public speaking skills and work as team
  • come up with business ideas and develop entrepreneurial skills
  • improve computer literacy and learn about online safety, and much more!
At CODDY, parents don't worry about kids spending too much time at the computer because the programs are designed with a focus on balancing hobbies and learning. Here, kids fulfill their dreams, turn their ideas into real projects, and present them to the public. And according to internal school surveys, more than 80% of children improve their grades in science subjects in school!
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Vasileos Konstantinou 138, Limassol 3080, Cyprus
40, Limnou str., Bereshit Jewish Educational Center, Limassol 3065, Cyprus