Creating games in Roblox Studio
Fundamentals of game programming in Lua on the most popular online platform
Students age:
8—12 years old


Course duration:
from 4 modules (months)
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Roblox is a popular online multiplayer game with it's own development platform — Roblox Studio!
Using this engine, the child will learn how to create their own game worlds using the Lua programming language and share it further with friends and busy gaming communities.

Nowadays, professional game and application developers are a very popular and highly paid professions. If your child is interested in computer games or information technology, but he does not yet have programming experience, the course "Creating games in Roblox Studio" is a great start for a child in his future career development.
The bright and colorful environment of Roblox is ideal for learning basic coding skills, allowing certain children to be interested in programming as a possible future profession
About the course
On the course, the child feels like a real game developer: he knows how Roblox Studio works, he will create his first game from scratch and promote it in the huge Roblox gaming community

In the process of learning, children receive basic programming skills in the Lua language, learn how to create and create 3D objects, include moving objects in the game, introduce game currency, create a change of day and night, and create game menus. Children develop several of their games. It can be a battle of robots, or a race of cars, space adventures or futsal. They are also of great importance and will protect projects.

The participants of the release are the first steps towards monetization of their creations: the Roblox Studio platform makes it possible to create casual clothes and sell them to people.

Also in our development, we are working hard on common concepts and principles that will help to use in all programming, and we will lay the foundation for sustainable development in this area: the guys learn the basics of the Lua programming language, which in the future will master the C++, Python or JavaScript languages.

Information technology has developed very quickly, so programming is one of the most sought-after specialties. Learning the mechanics of creating computer games, experience working on projects, the basics of the Lua language — all this will be a valuable experience for any person who studies not only the use of ready-made computer products, but also wants to understand how they work, or create their own software on their own.

Learning outcome:
  • Own game in Roblox Studio
  • Understanding game mechanics and game levels
  • The ability is strong, to refine your game and propose a task, while developing imagination and creativity
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics and physics
  • Basic knowledge of the Lua programming language
  • Ability to work in the game
  • Algorithmic thinking skills
  • Desire to work for results, identify and protect projects
More about Roblox for parents
Course syllabus
Studying the principle of game movement
Basic game programming skills in Lua
Analysis of algorithms and algorithmic projects and scripts
Object Modeling
Creating images and designs, working with textures and lighting, designing landscapes and other elements of the game
Creating a Managed Game

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to create a plot, design the game mechanics in Roblox Studio using the Lua programming language

  • Take children from their interest in playing computer games to the desire to create them and develop them in the future in the field of IT
Alumni training:
You can always continue learning at more advanced levels
  • Created my own games in the Roblox Studio environment
  • Programming in Lua
  • Build circuits using scripts
  • Understand code and fix bugs
  • Work with animation
  • Create 3D models for Roblox
  • Create a portfolio of created models and developed games
What do I need for classes?
The child definitely needs computers with programs installed on it
If classes are online:
  • Access to the Internet (guaranteed stability of the Internet connection, from 10 Mbps)
  • Headphones, as well as additional equipment for the best sound quality: a microphone or headset
  • Computer requirements

Instruction how to instal Roblox Studio on Windows:
Learn More
Sign up for a course on games for kids at Roblox Studio. Let this time pass with benefit!
A small programmer will no longer waste time playing computer games, he will learn how to implement, program and create his own game universes
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Class Schedule
Please check the schedule with our consultants
09:30-10:50 Minecraft (Greek / English)
11:00-12:20 Minecraft (Greek / English)
13:00-13:30 Minecraft (Greek / English)
09:30-10:50 Minecraft (English)
11:00-12:30 Roblox (Russian / English)
12:30-13:20 Minecraft (English / Russian)
11:00-12:30 Blogging (Russian / English)
The first language specify the language taught in at the lesson
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